If you are interested in making the transition to sustainable and eco-friendly purchases, it is important to take into account different aspects such as those mentioned below:

1.- Where are the clothes made?

If you want to buy sustainable fashion, always check where the clothes are produced. Since those produced in eastern countries sometimes violate the rights of their workers and the minimum wage is much lower than in the western countries where they sell their products.

Clothing brands that make their products in the United States or Europe should be chosen, since these markets have much stricter standards regarding fair wages and working conditions are highly regulated.

At POEMS, most of the production process of the pieces is carried out in our Sabadell factory and the rest are intermediate processes carried out by collaborators installed in the Barcelona region.

2.- What fabrics and materials are used?

Sustainable brands should use, in a very high percentage, natural and environmentally friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton, linen, leather, hemp, wool or peace silk, among others. Since synthetic fabrics have a negative impact on the environment.

In our collections, you will find fabrics based on cotton and viscose, offering a very low percentage of polyesters and synthetic fibers. In summer we combine cotton and viscose with linen and modal, in winter we combine them with different wools.

3.- What does the brand do with production waste?

All clothing brands produce production surpluses and waste, but the important thing is to know what clothing brands do with them. Eco-friendly brands should use production waste, and their unsold clothing, to create new items or try to create as little environmental impact as possible.

If your favorite clothing brand has the same policy, you can buy clothes from them with peace of mind. At POEMS, for example, we collaborate with different projects, precisely to reduce our impact on the environment. On the one hand, we collaborate with Recovo , a fabric resale platform, and also with different social outlets, where our clothes are sold at a much cheaper price.

4.- How are the products packaged and shipped?

When looking for a sustainable brand, it's also important to take a look at how the product is packaged to find out how eco-friendly the brand is. Looking for recyclable packaging and with as little plastic as possible is the most important thing.

In our case, the shipments we make meet these requirements, since we pack the garments using recyclable material and we use cloth bags to wrap the clothes.

5.- Does the brand collaborate with any ecological initiative?

Checking if there is an ecological project in which the brand is participating or looking for the initiatives that are being carried out in this field, is one of the most relevant points to take into account. Normally, the brand's website and social networks are the best places to find this information.

At POEMS, one of our challenges is to do controlled production, which means making small runs of clothing so as not to generate excess stock. Even so, if you are interested in knowing all our initiatives and with all the companies with which we collaborate, we recommend that you visit the projects section of our website.