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Hecho en Cataluña: La importancia de apoyar la producción local

Made in Catalonia: The importance of supporting local production

Discover how supporting local production in Catalonia strengthens the regional economy and promotes more sustainable and ethical fashion. Explore innovation in Catalan fashion and how brands like POEMS are leading...

Catalunya Ràdio, POEMS and Fast Fashion

The program "Solidaris" of Catalunya Ràdio, interviews the founder of POEMS, Joan Generó, in the episode dedicated to Fast Fashion, consumption habits and production in the fashion industry. 
Catalunya Ràdio, POEMS y la Fast Fashion
transparencia moda

Fashion transparency: Do you know where and how your clothes are made?

POEMS BCN promotes transparency in fashion from the origin of materials to the store, focusing on fair trade practices and eco-efficient production. The brand leads by example, encouraging consumers to...

POEMS BCN and REC.0: An alliance for sustainable fashion

POEMS BCN, with its commitment to sustainability and conscious fashion, has found in REC.0 the perfect setting to implement its philosophy. This edition of REC.0 will be held from May...
REC Maig 2024
Colección primavera Summer Solstice

"Summer Solstice": A tribute to the beginning of summer

Discover the "Summer Solstice" collection of POEMS: a summer tribute with elegant and comfortable pieces, fusing styles and sustainability to celebrate the season with authenticity and quality.

Inclusive Fashion in 2024: From S to XL

Inclusive fashion is redefining the fashion industry in 2024, embracing the diversity of sizes, forms and needs to create a more representative and ethical society. With principles such as inclusion,...
Moda Inclusiva en 2024: De la S a la XL
4 razones por las que no comprar en el Black Friday (y algunas alternativas)

4 reasons why not to buy on Black Friday (and some alternatives)

Black Friday is a consumer activity that harms the environment and penalizes ethical brands and small businesses. You want to know why? Below we give you 5 reasons why NOT...

France will force the labeling of clothing with carbon emission indicators

France will force to add carbon emissions labels to their clothes next year. These labels will be a government seal, which has been created by the Ministry of Ecological Transition , whose objective...
Francia obligará a etiquetar las prendas de ropa con indicadores de emisiones de carbono
manos indicando números del 1 al 5

5 things to look for if you want to buy an eco-friendly brand

If you are interested in making the transition to sustainable and eco-friendly purchases, it is important to take into account 5 aspects that we mention below.