The European Commission has added new measures that will try to ensure that consumers have more information about the sustainable value of the clothes they buy and that they are more durable , reusable and recyclable . His goal is to say goodbye to "Fast Fashion".

" Fast Fashion" brands usually bring as many fashion collections to the market as possible as quickly as possible and in the shortest possible time. The collections are produced in low quality and at a very low price in order to change items as quickly as possible.

On the contrary, the " Slow Fashion" is more sustainable and more aware of the production and consumption of fashion. Garments are made from more environmentally friendly materials , clothing is more durable, and much attention is paid to environmentally friendly production and working conditions .

The objective of the European Commission, as mentioned in this article , is that by 2030 all textile products sold in the European Union are long-lasting and recyclable ; that they are made with recycled fibers , without the presence of dangerous substances; and that they are manufactured respecting social and environmental rights .

At POEMS, from the beginning, we manufacture our fabrics with local manufacturers ; We try to make our collections based on cotton and viscose , with a very small percentage of synthetic fibers; and we believe in decent work . Even so, we continue looking for ways to improve our production process to make it even more sustainable.