~ 3 women entrepreneurs to follow ~

Today, November 19 and the International Day of Women Entrepreneurs , we want to celebrate and give visibility to those adventurous, hardworking women who do not accept "no" for an answer and create their own path.

The list of inspiring women would be endless, so we will share with you 3 women from different fields who give us motivation to change the world. We would love for you to leave us in the comments which women inspire you, let's make the list longer!

1. Maitane Alonso, the young inventor who has conquered NASA

In Maitane's family they are fans of barbecues, like many others. After thousands of feasts and seeing the food waste that was in each one, the young Basque and third-year medical student invented a mechanism to keep food in good condition for longer, and incidentally, make it 100% sustainable. . And wow he got it! His system and innovation ended up drawing the attention of none other than NASA.

Months later, he was presenting it at an international championship in Phoenix, where it won the sustainability award. At 19 years old and with his first company in the midst of its creation, the name of Maitane Alonso is one of the best promises of the future, and definitely an example to follow!

2. Ava Duvernay makes history over and over again

Ava Duvernay marked a before and after in the world of cinema. In 2012, the scene changed when she won the Best Director Award at the Sundance Film Festival, being the first African-American woman to win the award .

The director, screenwriter, producer and actress, made history once again in 2018 by becoming the first woman to direct a film with a budget of more than 100 million dollars with the production of A Wrinkle in Time . A woman who broke stereotypes and barriers in the world of cinema, and who continues to do so day after day.

3. Laura Fernández's mission: more women in the future of tech

Laura returned to Barcelona after making documentaries abroad. It was then, when she lost her job, that she found a coworking space that would be her future mentor and partner. "There was a lot of talk about entrepreneurship, technology and education, but everything was male, there were no women who dedicated themselves to it." This was what she wanted to change.

Laura then decided to found a technology training center, AllWoman , created by and for women, with great teachers and professionals. She has managed to set up an innovative project that dreams of growing day by day, continuing to expand its community and building references with which to inspire other women.

And you, do you feel inspired? What women are on your list for Women's Entrepreneur Day? Share it with us or leave us a comment on our Instagram !