~ What are the pieces you need in your wardrobe? ~

Spring has arrived, and with it, the desire to try new silhouettes, ruffles and prints. But also the famous wardrobe change and the same questions every year: what do I throw away, what do I keep, what do I buy...

Order is the first thing that helps us answer these questions and lead a more comfortable life. According to the mythical Marie Condo, the question of what do you want to own is really a question about how do you want to live So, your wardrobe needs will change according to your lifestyle.

But, there is a selection of basic garments that never go out of style and that we can adapt and "elevate" with trendy pieces, according to each one's lifestyle, to what we call a capsule wardrobe. The term was invented by Susie Faux, who owns a London boutique called Wardrobe.

But what are these garments?

1. Start with the basic tops in neutral colors

The most important garments for a capsule wardrobe or a basic wardrobe are a shirt (it can give us a lot of versatility), the classic white t-shirt (it goes with everything you wear and never goes out of style) and a fine tricot sweater ( perfect for between-seasons and to be able to add layers in the colder months).

These three models from our Spring-Summer 2020 collection are extremely comfortable and will last forever in your closet:

2. Combine them with versatile pants and skirts

What respects the bottom parts, when it comes to dressing what we take into account the most are the fabrics and comfort. We will always need good jeans, but what will never go out of style are skinny pants (you can combine them with casual t-shirts for a cooler look or a shirt for a more formal style). A mini skirt should never be missing in a wardrobe, you can combine it with sneakers or heels and the elastic fabrics make it even more comfortable and the versatility is infinite!

We propose these two models from the new collection, which would you choose?

3. You cannot miss the dresses and jumpsuits, the most comfortable pieces

The most famous wardrobe item designed by the legendary Coco Chanel can never be missing: the little black dress . They can have a thousand different silhouettes, choose the dress with the silhouette that you feel best and don't get rid of it! The design of the dress from this POEMS summer collection will fit you phenomenally and it will surely become your most used item of clothing.

On the other hand, overalls , whether short or long, will always be a garment that we can use for any type of activity! Their comfort is spectacular and when you add trendy accessories they become a very versatile basic.

Our favorites from the summer collection are these, what are yours?

And for you, what clothes from your closet will stay there forever?