Catalunya Ràdio's "Solidaris" programme, which focuses on development, peace, human rights and social movements, dedicated an episode to debate Fast Fashion. In this, the founder of POEMS, Joan Generó, shared valuable perspectives on how his brand is working to transform consumption and production habits in the fashion industry. This conversation focused on efforts to produce clothing in more sustainable and ethical ways.



From the heart of Sabadell

In POEMS, based in Sabadell, we are dedicated to the creation of clothes that not only stands out for its aesthetics and commitment to sustainability. It mainly uses natural fabrics (such as cotton, linen and viscose) that are skin-friendly and easy to recycle after use.  The brand maintains a short supply chain, with most productions limited to only 60–70 kilometres around the facility. In this way, the carbon footprint is reduced, the local economy is supported and fair work practices are promoted.


A philosophy based on freedom, ethics and aesthetics

Generó, reflecting on the principles of the brand, said: “The main values that we can define and that we want to capture are this fashion and ethical brand of proximity and local, taking into account the sustainable part, especially focused on responsible consumption”. This approach extends to all aspects of the business, from design decisions to manufacturing practices. Therefore, POEMS wants to ensure that each design is current and minimalist focused on the comfort of the client and is produced in a responsible way.



Commitment to recycling and social responsibility

In addition to the use of sustainable materials, POEMS collaborates with local entities such as Moltacte, an outlet chain that promotes mental health through labor inclusion; CIPO, which since 1968 has been working to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and/or mental illness; and Recovo, a fabric resale platform to reduce textile waste and expand the reduced life cycle of materials, thus helping to promote a reduced impact on the environmental industry. These collaborations not only help reduce waste, but also contribute to social cohesion within the community. 


Towards a sustainable future: The vision of POEMS 

POEMS’ commitment to sustainable fashion is clear. By demonstrating that it is possible to operate ethically and aesthetically without sacrificing profit, the brand is redefining consumer expectations. With conscious production, a fair price and a vision of support for community well-being, the brand promotes a paradigm shift in the way fashion and its impact are thought.



Through this innovative and responsible approach, POEMS invites everyone to reconsider their fashion choices and join a movement towards a greener and fairer future. Find out more about how our efforts are making a difference.