~ Much more than an outlet ~

Today we want to tell you a little more about a very special project with which we have been collaborating for more than a year: MOLTACTE.

Moltacte is a chain of outlet stores focused on promoting the mental health of all the people they work with.

Mental health remains a taboo topic in today's society, and we believe it has to be one of the main conversations that needs to come to the fore. Last October 10 was World Mental Health Day , that is why we have decided to tell you about our collaboration with Moltacte .

They started their project more than 14 years ago, in 2006, with the hope of building a new business model in which the person was the center and engine of its development. Its priority is a group of society that currently remains invisible: people diagnosed with mental disorders. They want to promote and generate a safe workplace , where workers can feel part of a team and thus develop their potential.

"A workplace is not just a way to survive, but an opportunity to intervene positively in the world."

They collaborate with different brands, and for more than a year now, we are also part of their project ! We believe in personal growth, professional development and also in a more ethical fashion. That is why we decided to give an ethical outlet to the garments from previous seasons, collaborating with Moltacte to form part of a more just and egalitarian society, full of opportunities for everyone.

Now, you can find our Autumn-Winter 2019 collection in its Manresa store and be part of the change.