On Wednesday May 25, Pascal Morand, executive president of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, and Carlo Capasa, president of the Camera Nazionalle della Moda Italiana , insisted on the Author Fashion Analysis Days in Spain and International Models on the importance of quality in fashion, rather than quantity; in the necessary transparency and traceability; on fundamental ethical behavior in this industry; and in the urgency of investment in sustainable technologies.

Carlo Capsa presented a study that shows that at least 45% of clothing buyers believe that brands and designers can do more to combat climate change and favor the environment than governments. “It is important that institutions like the ones we represent assume this commitment. And we must do it quickly and accurately, because it is a complex challenge, partly because of its social impact”, said Pascal Morand.

It was commented in the conferences that the real problem is in the volume of production and in the transport of goods and there was talk that the durability of the product should be defended, since "if we want a more conscious consumer, we must also show ourselves more clearly and transparent about the content and values ​​we represent. That is the challenge to work on”, affirmed Carlo Capsa.

At POEMS we support this change in the fashion industry, which is so necessary for our society and for the environment, and we support all clothing brands that, like us, manufacture their products locally, with natural fabrics and creating decent jobs.

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