POEMS BCN, with its commitment to sustainability and conscious fashion, has found in REC.0 the perfect setting to implement its philosophy. This edition of REC.0 will be held from May 8 to 11, 2024, and POEMS BCN will be located in the designer space, in the pop-up store number 12. The brand takes advantage of this platform to offer a "second life" in its stock, making pieces from previous collections available to consumers at reduced prices. This practice not only benefits the consumer, who accesses quality products at a lower cost, but also reduces the environmental impact associated with fashion overproduction.



REC.0 is the eclectic festival of fashion, culture and gastronomy that is held twice a year, and only for four days, in the Rec district of Igualada. The old factories and tanneries of the old industrial district of the city, become pop-up stores for fashion brands that offer their products at reduced prices. This initiative not only revitalizes historical spaces, but also promotes a new form of fashion consumption: more conscious, local and accessible. 


Environmental benefits of sustainable fashion

The POEMS BCN approach in REC.0 stands out for its contribution to sustainability in the fashion industry. Giving a new life to the stock helps to reduce the volume of textile waste, reducing the demand for new natural resources and the production of waste. This practice is aligned with global environmental impact reduction targets and promotes a circular economy within the fashion industry.


Strategies for responsible consumption

During REC.0, POEMS BCN not only offers discounts, but also educates consumers about the importance of more responsible purchasing practices. The brand promotes a greater awareness of the origin of products, sustainable manufacturing processes and the impact of consumer purchasing decisions on the environment. It is a meeting point with end customers, and at POEMS BCN we love to know them and discover their tastes and preferences.


Local and cultural impact

The presence of POEMS BCN in REC.0 also has a significant local cultural and economic impact. By participating in this market, the brand not only supports the local economy, but also contributes to the Igualada cultural scene. This type of event attracts tourism and promotes the city as a benchmark in sustainable fashion and cultural innovation.

The participation of POEMS BCN in REC.0 reaffirms its commitment to a more sustainable and responsible fashion. By offering a second life in its stock and promoting conscious consumption, the brand is not only making fashion; it is making a difference. We invite everyone to join us in this movement towards a future where fashion and environmental responsibility, showing that it is possible to dress with style and conscience at the same time.