~ The differences between fast fashion and slow fashion ~

The terms Fast Fashion and Slow Fashion are everywhere right now. But what is Fast Fashion really? And what do we Slow Fashion brands do differently? We took a look at the most obvious differences and compared them.

Fast Fashion brands bring as many fashion collections to the market as possible as quickly as possible and in the shortest possible time.

The collections are based on the latest trends, driven by what is in style at the time. These trends are then imitated in the shortest possible time, produced in low quality and at a very low price in order to be able to change items as quickly as possible until the next trend arrives and starts the circle all over again.

Instead, Slow Fashion is a term that describes a more sustainable and conscious approach to fashion production and consumption.

Garments are mostly made from more eco-friendly or naturally-derived materials and the clothing is often more durable and of higher quality. Much more attention is also paid to environmentally friendly production and working conditions.

Production is often carried out with local manufacturers to shorten supply chains and consequently reduce pollution. Did you know that at POEMS , your clothing only travels 69km from the moment it is designed until it is ready for distribution?

We leave you with a comparison of the big international brands compared to POEMS, what do you think?