Transparency in fashion has become an essential pillar for conscious consumers. It is not only important to know what we are doing, but also to understand the impact our clothes have on the environment and on the communities that produce them. POEMS BCN is committed to this transparency, ensuring that each piece reflects an honest process.


The history of your clothes: from seed to store

The day of a garment begins long before it reaches the shelves of a store. It begins in the field, with the choice of seeds and materials that define the basis of textiles. POEMS BCN’s eco clothing uses natural fabrics grown without harmful chemicals, respecting the environment and ensuring quality from the beginning. Although we cannot monitor every step of the production process, we rely on our recognized suppliers to maintain high sustainability standards.


Honest tags: understanding transparency

This transparency is fundamental and begins with honest tags. In POEMS BCN, our tags indicate the composition of the piece and its manufacture in Barcelona. In addition, through our social networks, such as Instagram, we regularly share the production process so that consumers can learn more about how their clothes are made, thus promoting trust between the brand and the consumer.


How to choose clothes consciously?

Choosing clothes consciously means looking beyond trends and focusing on how garments are produced and their long-term impact. Adopting a slow fashion approach in Spain is an essential step. This involves selecting clothes designed to last, made with sustainable materials and under ethical working conditions. Always check the labels to make sure you buy fair trade and eco-efficient production products.


Transparency in fashion is not just a fashion term; it is an urgent necessity in a historically opaque industry. POEMS BCN is proud to be part of the brands that are committed to transparency and ethical fashion. By choosing clothes that respect the environment and the people behind their production, we are not only making a fashion statement, but also a declaration of our values.

We invite you to join us to form a more sustainable and transparent future in fashion.