France will force carbon emissions labels to be added to its clothing next year. These labels will be a government seal, which has been created by the Ministry of Ecological Transition , which will have the objective that the viewer can know the climate impact of the product they are buying.

The intention is to reward the actors in the fight against climate change, since it will force brands to be more transparent with the consumer and to be more aware of the environmental impact they generate. In addition, the purpose of the government with this project, which has been active in France since 2018 on a voluntary basis, is to offset 1 million tons of CO2, which would be equivalent to what 100,000 French people generate in a year.

Obviously, there are detractors of this practice, who consider that carbon emission labels will not be a solution against climate change. These detractors consider that these labels will be used by companies as a green image wash, also called greenwashing , which will use marketing to change the perception of their products.

What is clear is that companies are going to have to publicly expose where the raw materials they use come from , what substances have been used during the preparation of the product and the kilometers they have traveled, among many other aspects. And it would be nice if other countries also implemented this practice, at least, so that the consumer had the possibility to choose what type of product they want to consume.

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