~ Ideas to have a more minimalist lifestyle ~

Have you ever stopped to think about the number of decisions we make in a single day? It's crazy. From work to health, relationships, business, friends...the list is endless. Sometimes the solution is to move on. Other times, it's better to simplify your life and make it easier.

Minimalism is much more than just reducing material objects or your number of belongings, that is why we have decided to list some ideas to simplify your day to day !

1. One goal at a time

Instead of making lots of changes at once, which can be overwhelming, try to set just ONE big goal . Your mind will be able to focus on a specific challenge and it will make it easier for you to complete it!

Also, going out of your way to get a challenge and focus all your energy on something is amazing, like you have superpowers! The next time you want something, dive into it .

2. Alone time every day

We all need to recharge that energy. Depending on the craziness in your life, about 15 minutes of alone and quiet time every day may seem like a lot or a little, but it will make all the difference.

We live chaotic lifestyles full of "Oh, how many things I have to do!", that's why moments of rest are just as important or even more important. Take some time to slow down, remove the drama from your life, and focus only on you .

TIP: this can also be a good time for meditation!

3. So many notifications

The notifications that reach our mobile phones are constant and some are even unnecessary. Have you ever thought about it? They make us constantly look at our phones and even waste our time.

Reducing the number of notifications we receive per day can help us have a calmer and less stressful life. Test it!

4. Create a capsule wardrobe

Having a capsule wardrobe with basic, quality and timeless clothes will make your life less chaotic and easier in the morning. In addition, you will invest in pieces that will last many years in your collection.

Do you want to know more about how to create a capsule wardrobe ? If so, we leave you our post about everything you need to know and some ideas with our clothes!

What are your ideas to have a more minimalist life? Leave us a comment here or on our Instagram and we'll post your answers!